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WEMW goes for WYTH to run its Digital Market

WEMW goes for WYTH to run its Digital Market

January 20, 2021

Digital cinema markets supplement in-person experiences in 2021 and beyond

Digital cinema markets supplement in-person experiences in 2021 and beyond

WEMW goes for WYTH to run its Digital Market

As the prospect of holding or attending concerts, festivals and other large gatherings isn't likely in the next several months, also film and audio-visual markets are adapting their services and planning their virtual presence. It is the case of When East Meet West WEMW Audiovisual Market, funded by the Italian FVG Audiovisual Fund in collaboration with the Trieste Film Festival, EAVE, Creative Europe Desk Italy and supported by EU MEDIA Programme. Due to the pandemic, this year’s edition will be fully online.

WEMW 2021 is powered by WYTH, digital platform capable to provide a very special virtual experience so to offer different ways to work, network, connect to each other and, why not, have fun all together. WYTH's activity is centred on the creation and development of an innovative cloud system that allows to give life to hybrid locations, and to guarantee users’ interactions through a very intuitive, yet highly technological, digital environment. Through WYTH, the WEMW 600 attendees will be able to turn the Co-Production Forum, the heart of the event dedicated to documentaries and feature films in development, into a concrete business opportunity.

Alessandro Gropplero, Head of WEMW states: “WYTH is our key partner for this special edition of WEMW 2021. It helped us to create a one-single customized digital world where all live stream sessions, screenings and individual meetings will take place. All our participants will have the extraordinary opportunity to easily find their most suitable partners and videochat with them with a simple click. The more they join us, the more they connect with everyone else.

Thanks to its ground-breaking technology, WYTH allows organizers to make their digital event more physical or their physical event more digital. In practice, the WYTH Plaza tool, customised into WEMW Café for this market, replicates what happens in a “normal” physical situation during such an event: you look and check who is around, you pick a person, you engage on a conversation and either you leave or you exchange contact details. Well, this is exactly what WYTH allows you to do. With the advantage that, thanks to combination of two match-making algorithms, the participants can automatically display the profiles of those who are more likely to be a good fit for their business, and join them in bilateral or multilateral chats or video chat rooms. All this, with a simple click! In addition, through WYTH you can access high quality screenings, attend workshops and conferences. All in one environment.

As stated by the CEO and Founder, Samuele Franzini: “This is the most critical period of change in modern history. When thinking about WYTH, my team and I tried to open up new channels for people to come together and foster human connection”.

WYTH can be adapted to several business needs, with 95% of its screen surface customizable, in order to enhance the client’s brand and visual identity. It is also an inclusive tool that allows other systems to be used within the general experience, thus creating a true, unique, scalable ecosystem. This flexibility lets WYTH be the perfect solution for products’ launch, conventions, digital fairs, but also for live shows such as the biggest live streaming concert ever made in Italy, HEROES at the Arena di Verona, with 38.000 participants following the streaming in addition to the 3.000 attendees.

“We are glad to enter the world of Audiovisual Markets. Working with WEMW team was a great challenge that speeded up the development of ad-hoc features to fully satisfy audiovisual

professionals during and after this pandemic.” Samuele Franzini affirms.


Press & Communication Officer – Maddalena Monge

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